WD MyBook missing data when plugged into different computer

I have a WD MyBook which has been functioning without issue for the last 3-4 years.  Rather than use the installed software, I drag and drop files from my desktop computer to the MyBook.  My desktop computer has been on the fritz for about six months.  I moved all the files from the desktop to the MyBook and have been working off the MyBook almost exclusively for the last 3 months with no problems.  I also created one folder to dump all the WD SmartWare files into since I wasn’t using them.

My desktop officially died last week.  I plugged my MyBook into my boyfriends laptop and none of my files are there.  Instead it looks as if the MyBook has reverted itself back to its stock settings.  All the WD SmartWare files and folders are showing up as they did when I first purchased the drive.

I feel that the files have to be there somewhere.  Any ideas on how to retrieve them?

Note:  The laptop that I have the MyBook plugged into is my boyfriends work computer and therefore is requesting Admininstrator User Name and Password information to try to run any WD SmartWare application.  Is that possibly causing the problem here?  I’m also nervous that if I run any application I could possibly lose any of my data that may be hidden somewhere on the drive.

Thank you for any advice.


It is possible these files are hidden.

See if this link helps.


I checked out the link above, but unfortunately that did not work.

I plugged into a friends computer and everything appears to be there. Hopefully just a complication with my BF’s work laptop. This thread can be closed for now. Thank you