WD MyBook Mirror external drive

I had to move to a new location. I unplugged the externa wd drive. Now, I hook everything up and see the E drive but there are no files.
Running windows recovery data software. What the heck? It has several years of work on it. What to I do? Take it apart and connect one of the drives to the computer? What is the method here for the next ten years? Buy more hard drives every couple of years to backup the backups?


i’m not
r with the experinced with the MYBOOK drive, but I can answer some of your questions.

  1. I do not think the external drive will work in the PC. Check some of the Knowledge Base and you will find that WD says the external drives will not work internally.

  2. Check the PC Services and assure that the WD Drive Manager is running and has Automatic Start. This is where externally drive are identified.

  3. It would certainly be worth keeping two drives with the same backup content if you move files from the PC. The life of a drive is limited.