WD MyBook Live light is always flashing green - never turns to blue

When I first got my MyBook Live, and it did the first big backup, the light was always flashing green while it was backing up.  After a day, when it was done, it would eventually go to blue (sleep).  Then, if I brought up the SmartWare software, or the online porttal, it would go green again, and then blue after a while.

The SmartWare software just upgraded yesterday or the day before, and now it’s always green, or flashing green.  I haven’t seen it go blue since the upgrade.  Any ideas?

Hello, check if you have any other programs that might be trying to access the MBL, the MBL might be also indexing the files. Just to be sure you can try disconnecting the Ethernet cable for  a couple of minutes, to see if the My Book goes into sleep mode. 


I was wondering the same thing…
Mine seems to randomly start up and chat to someone and then shut down again.  

There is no-one else in the house, so I guess it is talking to the WD-Mother-ship regularly?

I set it to not update automatically, so it is not that.

I only keep media on it, so I am not too spooked on the security, but it does make you wonder what it is up to! 

Chances are it is indexing your media.

Do some searches on this forum as this topic has been covered quite a bit. There are also different solutions. It will all depend on your needs.

Here are some: