WD MyBook Live Errors

I keep geting errors when I try to access the Users and Shares menu.

Support has not answered my emails in over 2 weeks, and it’s already too late to return the product.

What the **** ???

I’ve updated the firmware, done factory resets, tried 3 different routers with 3 different computers and I get the same thing.

This is one of the errors I get.

Can anybody give me a hint?

If this started to happen after the update is recommended to download the patch available

And if what Wizer mentioned doesn’t help, please contact our support group. They should be able to help you out. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Had same problem on start up. Contacted support on the phone and gave permission to access my drive live… Service tech (level 2 support) rewrote some firmware and seems to be partially working now… Unfortunately I now have seperate folders on drive and not a public or private folder. It seems to have taken al lsub folders out.

Rebooted 2tb drive but now it still shows the first name I gave the drive but can’t access it.