WD MyBook Live Duo

Help! My 6TB WD MyBook Live Duo NAS has been slowly failing. Yesterday, it stopped connecting to my LAN. I can still connect with the IP number in a browser, but cannot connect through the network. Even connecting directly by ethernet cable to a laptop does not work. The browser utilities say the drives are both good and it passes the health check. I also discovered that the drives are now encrypted and cannot be read by removing them from the enclosure and connecting them to a PC. I only want to finish transferring about 1.3TB of data to a new NAS. The data recovery services I found want a fortune.

If I find a used working cheap identical enclosure, will I be able to install my drives and recover the remaining data?

Any help will be appreciated.

My book live duo does not encrypt the drives.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply. I tried mounting the drive temporarily, but my MacBook Pro gave me an error saying that it could not read the format. Maybe I should try connecting to my last remaining Windows machine.