WD MyBook Live Duo remote access issues Win8.1

Hi All

Your help would be appreciated - MyBook Live Duo

1.) Works fine on network

2.) Works fine (remote Access WD My Cloud) IOS devices

3.) remote access my notebook - FAIL

I am an experienced user and i dont give up quickly but this has me stummped.

WD My Cloud for PC & Wd2Go for PC accessed by IE, Chrome & Safari all FAIL

Security certificate issues - Java Issues - i have tried to circumnavigate them all to no avail.

Have spent hours trolling the net for answers but nothing works.

I Must be missing something real simple - it used to work…before Win8.1 upgrade and i havnt tried for months.

Your help wold be appreciated



I had a similar issue, also probably related to an 8.1 update. Try to connect using the WD’s IP address instead of the network name. In case that works, just map your network drive (I used Z:) to IP network address instead.