WD Mybook live duo - keeps dropping off Yamaha receiver RX A2020

Trying to get this NAS set up has been a nightmare.  At present after trying for a week to get working still no closer.

I get the NAS showing on the receiver and will even play approx 2 albums in the Shared Music folder of the Public share but as soon as I send another album to the NAS it falls off the receiver and nothing will get it back.

So I then start again , various different tries of hard shut down ( no luck rebooting - gets stuck), done quick factory restore and also full restore ( took 22 hours!!)  This caused problems with my laptop with lots of warnings and a complete fail. oh my gosh now tearing hair out and about to take this horrible thing back to Harvey Norman shop (NZ)

So now at it again.  I see on the dashboard that when click on Public under “Shares” on the right it says  “user access cannot be defined for the default Public share”  Is this my problem and if so how do I define this user access.

I am not that techno with this stuff but I have always got there with everything else I have and this is the most trouble I have ever had.  Help please 

If you are within the 30 day window, the wise decision would be to return the Live Duo device for another NAS device that performs as advertised.  if you read any of the reviews online this is a common theme for the past 6 months.

  If you read this forum, although this device recently (nov/2012) received DLNA certification, not many have been able to make it work as advertised with the firmware and DLNA server currently available to the consumer.  You will end up pulling out all of your hair, and you will still not be able to get this device to work as promised.  It is a badly designed device, with significant software flaws. 

  Also please note that what you see by searching on this forum is what the Western Digital moderators allow to be seen.

  Consider yourself warned.  Good Luck!  =)

thanks for the validation of returning the thing.  It is going back!  I have rung the shop and looks like no problems to return on the basis that it does not do what is advertised (your words thank you)