WD MyBook LIve Duo - Cloud Query


I have a 6TB MyBook Live Duo.

I can access all my documents anywhere, that is working fine.

My question is, how do I upload from anywhere as I do with my Amazon cloud?

My Amazon cloud is full and I don’t want to pay extra when I have 6TB at home.

Is it possible for me to upload pictures to my WD whenever I am connected to WiFi anywhere in the world?

I cannot find any information relating to this on the WD site or in the DuoLive dashboard.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



When you are accessing the drive through WD2Go, you will be able to see the drive mapped on the computer that you are using to access the unit. So, you just need to move the files like if you were copying the files locally to the MBLD folder

Thanks for the reply. So not the same as auto upload as Amazon Cloud? Basically I need to copy and paste the files?