WD mybook live 2TB. Unable to access files

I have recently bought the device and set it up according to the instructions and softwares. However, I am  unable to access any of my files execpt the public folder. I have been reading the manual provided and tried to find online help. However, the issue is so basic that there is no mention of it anywhere. 

I open up MyBookLive icon and a window opens with all my folders, including the public folder. Under the name of each folder it says Share. However, with the exeption of the public folder, the rest of them require a username and password, which I repeately type but with no access, i.e. it will not open. Instead I get asked for username and password again. 

What can I do? BTW, restting the device is not an option as I have already data on it. 


If you refer to the private shared, you should use the same password that you selected when you created the private share. Pressing the reset button on the back wont delete your files, selecting the factory restore option from the dashboard will delete your files.