WD MyBook Essentials can not re-format

I am running Windows 7 with  WD MyBook Essentials 3T external drive. I previously used this drive on an older Windows XP computer.

I kept getting “One of the backup files could not be created 90x8078002A)” and

“The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error (0x8007045D)”

So, I need to reformat the drive without tthe XP capability.

But, when I execute WD Quick Formatter.exe it stops dead saying "Your WD External drive is in use. Please close

all applications and try again."

I did that and get the same message.

I even downloaded this program again putting it onto my C drive and killed all WDxxxx processes with TaskMgr

Same result.

How do I get to re-format the drive???



Try restarting your PC and using another USB cable if possible. Then format the hard drive from the disk management window. Check the link below for the steps.