WD MyBook Essential Recovery

Story: recently one of my WD MBE hard drive stop working

i did open hard cover and i realize 125Mhz Crystal OSC on the board is the cuase

i am in the country that there is n’t such thing to buy

i try to recover my data with RunTime Get Data back but isn’t work

i try to recover my data with hexeditor but there isn’t any valid file system on it

i did not encrypt my data with user password

i think it had a default hardware data encryption

i change the board crystal with12Mhz

board was run but couldn’t connect to computer

if I know algorithm and the key i can decrypt my data

please help

About the only solution is to find another board someplace like Ebay or an identical drive. Maybe this will shed some lingt on it http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839  fzabkar is about the only one who understands these boards. You can try sending him a PM.


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