WD MyBook Essential help!

So I’ve got a problem with my WD Mybook Essential, at first the usb port on it broke off so I called WD to see what to do, in the middle of the call the operator asked if the hard drive was still good, as far as i knew it was, well on and on in the call the operator is talking me through the steps of taking the hard drive out so i can see if it will work in my desktop. Nothing happened hard drive doesnt work so today I called to get a replacement and everything went fine except for I have to put the thing back together usually wouldnt be a problem but with the operator in my ear i really wasnt paying attention when taking it out of its enclosure and now I need a guide on putting the whole thing back together :frowning: PLEASE HELP!!!

Who did you call to help you open the enclosure?

Wd doesn’t support dismantling the my book essential. It voids the warranty and even if you say it doesn’t matter if your warranty is voided they still wont explain how because I guess its against there policies.