WD MyBook Essential Edition 2.0 500 GB (WD5000H1U) not recognized in Windows7 Explorer

My WD MyBook Essential Edition 2.0 500 GB (WD5000H1U) is not recognized in Windows7 Explorer. It is however recognized by the device manager - it shows “external storage device” but not a name “MyBook”. When I connect it to USB port it powers up. And I can disconnect it in device manager. I also did a backup on the drive from Win7. I just cannot see it in Explorer and cannot access the files.

The same device with the same cables is used on another machine with WinXP without any problems.

Any solutions?


Look around on this forun and you might find quite a more few people posting on here with the same problem in one form or another, I hqve a problem much like yours and it applies to a 1 TB AND a 2 TB. Worse than that is I threw away the receiots and can not refund them or even get warranty work done, it was a cash purchase. Everyday for the past week /i waqke uo wondering what else to try,

I actually repair computers for money, so this really makes me look bad. The plan was to use thge 3 Tb worth of space to back up customer’s data, along with my own while working on customer;s hard drive related repairs.

I do not fell that I can rely on //windows 7 Ulimate to partition nor format these 2 monstster-Drives. I strongly feel there has to be eitehr a commercial or free program that can be used to re-partition and to re-format my drives, of which neither are currently listed under :my computer" at all unless I go thru the manage drives route, But Windows is og no help formating nor partitioning them.

I would almost bet money if we can find just the right program /i see no reason such a drive can not be brought back to life. I made the mistake if downloading and installing the firnware bios, inou link us an attempt at working out some bugs and despite the fact /i know the flash was for the correct model #, I have had the same problem, for the most part, that you are desribing.

If Western Digital is reading (and they are not) can you link us to some software that actually works on these drives for partitionjing abd formatting in Nftfs and/or Fat32?

Please post the soulution here if you fugure one out, :slight_smile:

Go into computer managment disk management and find the disk and see if it has a letter assigned to it. If not assign it one.