WD MyBook Essential 3TB USB3.0 writing speed

I just bought a WD MyBook Essential 3TB USB3.0 External hard drive. I copied 150GB of files from a Seagate Goflex 2TB USB3.0 to to the new WD drive.

The average writing speed was 14 MB/s. It took about 2 hours to finish copying the files. Is it too slow or normal for USB3.0 hard drives?

That is about half USB 2.0 speed. Try copying files from your PC HD and see what speed you get. What speed do you get copying from PC to Seagate?


I got about 24 MB/s when I copied from my WD 2TB Black internal hard drive to either Seaget Goflex 2TB or WD MyBook 3TB. I am pretty sure the cables that come with the external drives are USB3.0. They have blue color connectors. I have Windows 8 Pro.

This hard drive slows down the boot up times even I did not install the Smartware. When boot up to Windows 8, it automatically opens this drive folder on the desktop. I can’t find a way to disable it. I checked the 

startup folder but nothing showing for the WD drive. When I disconnect this hard drive from the computer, everything is back to normal. I think it is the WD SES driver causing the problem. It shows up in Device Manager when the drive is connected but it was at the bottom of the list; not under Disk drives. It disappears when the drive is disconnected. Now I only connect the hard drive when needed. It is very inconvenient to connect and disconnect all the time.