WD Mybook essential 3TB HDD

Hi! I’m having a problem with my 3TB MyBook! When i bought it ok of the box i connected it to my readynas duo and all was working fine, yesterday i format the drive withe the smartware and now my readynas wont detect it, it say no file system! I can use it fine on my mac and pc! I try to format it again in mbr but found out that it has a 2Tb cap, today a got a new one and it works fine out of the box, is there anything i can do to make the old one work like it was out of the box! I don’t want to open a RMA cause the drive works fine on mac and pc, the problem is just with my NAS that is working fine with another 3Tb mybook i got today l!

It needs a different format probably GPT check out this thread http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-for-PC/3TB-Essential-Win-7-32-bit-System-Backup-Failing/m-p/126100/highlight/false#M4597


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i have try every thing! the drive has a GPT partition and it is recognice by a mac and a pc fine! i can transfer files and everything it only doesn’t work on when connected to the usb port on the NAS.

The thing is that the NAS doesn’t support GPT partition table, but i have another mybook 3TB drive that is conected to the NAS and working out of the box with out formating it and nothing has whe speak, the other one that i did the format with the smartware program stop working!

Like i say pc and mac can see and use the drive is just the NAS that say no filesystem! i think is best that I make a RMA and get a replacement!

Edit: well i send the drive for warranty! i talked with a tech support agent! he told me a few steps! i even gave him my NAS web address so he can see the problem that that i had another drive the same model connected and working! he told me to send it! and the will send me a new one!