WD MyBook causes kernel dumps

Dear WD community!

Perhaps one has faced the same problem as I am facing now, or maybe somebody can advise me something here.

I have WD MyBook Mirror harddrive attached to Linux box. When the drive is written certain amount of bulk data, it starts failing. In particular, first the messages like below appear in syslog:

usb 1-2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2

then kernel dumps with the following message:

task xfssyncd:1002 blocked for more than 120 seconds."echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this message.xfssyncd D c3d64a60 0 1024 2 0x00000000c406aec0 00000046 c1132742 c3d64a60 00000286 c1418100 c1418100 00000000c406b07c c2808100 00000000 9921791a 00000152 00000001 c406aec0 f6fa13f00fefdd7d c406b07c 4b94f503 00000000 0fefdd7d 00000000 c409e378 000a3308Call Trace:[<c1132742>] ? cfq_set_request+0x0/0x290[<c126b532>] ? io_schedule+0x5f/0x98[<c1128be0>] ? get_request_wait+0xcb/0x146[<c10437ba>] ? autoremove_wake_function+0x0/0x2d[<c112907c>] ? __make_request+0x2cc/0x3d9[<f866c8de>] ? e1000_put_txbuf+0x2b/0x3b [e1000e][<c1127cf1>] ? generic_make_request+0x266/0x2b4[<c10cf821>] ? bvec_alloc_bs+0x95/0xaf[<c1127dfb>] ? submit_bio+0xbc/0xd6[<c10cffd1>] ? bio_add_page+0x28/0x2e

After that all disk I/O operation experience timeouts & failures (e.g. directory listing is hangs for several minutes and/or error is reported).

The complete description of the problem is here.

Any ideas or ways to diagnose the problem are welcomed.

Are you sure the drive is compatible with Linux?

Joe_S , thanks for answering.

I believe that USB drives should all be compatible with Linux by nature. If you happen to know the list of incompatible WD hardware, please point me to that page.

After months of approaching the problem, the only solution I’ve found was to unload ehci_hcd module, as mentioned here. Anyone else, who will be more lucky to find better solution is welcomed to post here or there.