Wd mybook 4tb - s.m.a.r.t. red value

i’ve a 2 days new wd mybook 4 tb.

i’ve installed app updated from website and start to copy data on it.

On wd diagnostic app give me red smart value

With fast and advanced check give me no error

and either on crystaldiskinfo is ok.

So i ask why red smart value on wd diagnostic
is better to tak with the seller? and substitute with another?




crystaldisk say no problem but if you see “reallocated sector” it’s strange “140”  for a 3 days hdd !? no!?

I posted this link for somebody with more knowledge on this to review. He mentioned the problem with DLG and a new drive also.


Hi if you look the threshold is 200 - 200 -140 which is standard for any WD drive if there where any reallocated sectors it would show up under the Raw Values column but as you can see it is all 000000 there so that is fine. I must admit I am not a big Fan of DLG as I was helping another user with a poor transfer problem that was flagged by DLG and it turned out it was the Sata cable, during helping him I ran DLG on a new 500 gig black drive extended test and it came up with a to many bad sectors error I know for a fact the drive has no bad sectors as it checked out fine with 2 other test programs… I use Hard Disk Sentinel but I imagine crystaldisk would be about the same. But you are right never trust one program always back up one test’s findings with another test program. Hope this helps.