WD MyBook 3TB MBR Way to Extended Capacity

Hi All,

I Just Bought my Second WD HDD, that is WD My Book 3 TB 1140.

I Need to use this WD as a device for my movie collection and some backup for my photography (RAW Image)

I Found out that 3TB can only fully utilized for GPT.

I need to use this device on many multiple machine, my PC on Windows XP, my TV, even my Android Media Player equipment.

I Found out only MBR that can support for all this equipement.

So after i change the Partition to MBR Format it seems i can only used 2 TB Capacity.

Is there any solution to Extended the another 700++GB Capacity, seems so wasted to purchase 3 TB that can be used only 2 TB.

Already used acronis True Image “Disk Wizard” to extended capacity for my WD but it always come out error.

Have anyone had the same problem with me ?

See the link below for information on your question. 


Ahh thanks Kudo for answering my Question,

Yes i know is not WD or HDD Problem.

But will need an solution to fully using this HDD.

I know Seagate had Seagate Disk Wizard to enable extend HDD Capacity on WD.

I Already tried to use Acronis True Image, but it seems unable to work on WD My Book.

Is there an software works like Seagate disk wizard that works on WD My Book to enable extend HDD capacity.

It seem so wasted i got another capacity but unable to used it… seems want to throw my 3TB HDD (regret to purchase it).

Hi again, see if the link below helps, click on the check box for XP compatible.