WD Mybook 2TB- Disconnects after awhile. Have to power cycle to get it back

So, I bought a WD mybook a few months ago and have been having a plethora of problems with it. Here are the different things I experience

  1. Sometimes when I boot up windows it does not ‘detect’ the MyBook. I have to unplug the power and USB and re-plug, sometimes multiple times until ‘voila’ it decides to detect it…

  2. Once detected, if I leave the drive un-used for a few hours and come back to it, it no longer shows up in My Computer. The light is still on (solid white), but it’s like it’s not connected anymore. I try pushing power, nothing. Again full power cycle (read: unplug power and replug) is required for it to be detected by Windows. Usually only 1 power cycle is enough for this.

Here are my stats:

MyBook Essential 2TB

Windows 7 OS 64bit

WD Smartware installed  v1.6.2(I don’t use the software backup)

NTFS Format

WD latest drivers installed 

Any help?! Very frustrated…

Try connecting the my book power cable to another power socket, also download DLG to run a test.


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Thanks… what does changing the power socket accomplish? It is currently plugged directly into the way, along with my power bar which holds all my computer+monitors.

It’s very weird, it just happened again today, woke up this morning, drive is not showing up in My Computer and the power button on the back does NOTHING. I have to unplug it completely and re-plug for it to reconnect.

Am trying DLDIAG for windows as we speak.

I know that sometimes if you connect the my book to a power strip, it might not get enough energy to work correctly.

It is not connected to a power strip. I ran the program you recommended as well, nothing.

And today once again, as I wake up… the WD mybook is shut off, by itself. And once again I need to power cycle to reconnect it…


still cant fix this issue :(:frowning: