WD Mybook 250GB Problem

I have 2 WD Mybook 250GB External drives. They are formatted in Linux. I am not using them from long time.

When I connected them to my laptop today, I am able to see 1 drive, I formatted it in windows.

The second one I am unable to see it, the power is OK because I can see the light, I here the sounds like the HDD is working but I am not sure, how can I check weather the HDD is OK or not.

Please help me out.

MY email ID [deleted for privacy]

If you have a Windows pc, you can download our DLG Diagnostics utility to check the drive’s SMART status and the surface of the platters for damage/bad sectors.  You can also run Windows error checking to make sure that the partition isn’t damaged or corrupted.

DLG Diagnostics


Hi Bill

I Ran the DLG Diagnostic utility, I am unable to see the drive in diagnostic window.

I here the hard drive running sound.

Please help me.


I will try to get someone to help you.

Hi Bill

Thanks for ur help, today morning I tried again by changing cables, it worked atlast.

Once again thanks.

Srinivas Varaganti

Oh, cool.  I’m glad it got taken care of.  Thanks for posting the fix.