WD My Passport


     I have  a problem with a MY Passport USB 3.0 which contains a WD5000BMVW-11AMCSO.

This drive  on  first appraisal was not spinning up but the PCB was receiving power (led on).

I acquired a replacement PCB from HDDZONE (2060-771737-000) rev P1 and was advised that the serial ROM for the SYMWAVE at U8 and the serial ROM for the firmware at U12 would need swapping.

I tried the replacement PCB just to see if the drive did spin up and this was successful.  I then got U8 and U12 chips transfered via a third party , which appears successful,  however on return  the replceement PCB displays the same symptoms as the original.

Although the the drive does not spin up it is detected as a generic WD mass storage device and displays the following

in USB viewer

iManufacturer:                     0x01
     English (United States)  “Western Digital”
iProduct:                          0x02
     English (United States)  “My Passport [#]”
iSerialNumber:                     0x03
     English (United States)  “158744C3158745DF”
bNumConfigurations:                0x01

Hello Mate,

I think you will need to reach WD directly for this or you can contact fazbak he’s really good with PCB.

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Not sure how to contact him?

You can Pm him, the name is fzabkar.