WD My Passport with Smart TV not working


I have a new WD My Passport that I am trying to use with my smart TV. The TV will not see the drive because of the WD software. I am happy to unistall this if possible. Can somebody help me with a solution please.

Thanks in advance.



Is the drive formatted correctly? Most drives for TV and video devices need to be reformatted to FAT32.


Thanks Joe yes I believe so. I think its an issue with the WD drive unlocking software that I am unable to unistall or disable.

Did you enable the password protection? If yes,

You need to remove the password from your WD My Passport by using the WD SmartWare software came with the drive.

If you need the software check the  http://support.wd.com/product/download.asp?lang=en .

After you have done that your Smart TV should be able to recognize the drive.

You don’t need to remove or erase the WD software from the WD My Passport drive for your TV to recognize it. 

Be sure your WD My passport drive is formatted with FAT32 file system otherwise it will not recognize by  the TV.