Wd my passport with Bootcamp


I am running a imac 27 inch with lion and bootcamp.On the windows

side of the bootcamp i run windows 7 ultimate 32bit. 

I did not have any problems getting the 

wd my passport 320 gb fat32 format

detected on my 100 % pc with no mac os on it.

Then i tried the same  on my bootcamp and

it failed detecting the external harddrive said unknown decice.

What to do to fix this ?

I want winodws to see the 

external 320 gb 3.0 usb my passport just as good as my

pc can see it. 

I have no problems in my imac 

it detects your external hd peffectly 

would thunderbolt / firewire enabled external harddrives be better ?

Try downloading and installing the SES drivers for your passport on the windows side. Find you passport model on the link below and click on the SES driver.