WD My Passport Wireless Pro, USB 2.0 and LG TV

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a WD My Passport Pro.

I’d like to know if this device will work with a LG TV (SM9800) over its USB 2.0 connection that the TV offers.

On the LG website it lists that the TV can output 500mA over its USB 2.0 connection. Is the Passport Pro backwards compatible with USB 2.0 interfaces??

Has anybody connected this device successfully to a TV with USB 2.0 in the past???

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ok so I’ve bought an AC POWERED USB 3.0 hub as recommended by LG off Amazon. This should hopefully solve potential power issues with USB 3.0 drives should they arise.

If anybody comes across this post while searching Google then the simple answer to using the USB 2.0 on a LG WebOS Smart TV to connect a drive, is to buy a POWERED USB 3.0 hub, that way your drives will always have enough power to function.

I can power a 4TB My Passport Ultra USB Portable on my Panasonic HTDV’s USB2.0 port and my Panasonic 4K UHD TV’s USB3.0 port and also on my Raspberry Pi 3’s USB 2.0 port without the need for a powered USB HUB.

Have been doing so for years without any power issues whatsoever.

Ok that’s great to hear. I’ve only been going off LGs support website which stated that it is recommended to use a hub to guarantee proper functioning of a drive.

If the drives conform to USB 2.0 spec then I dont see why they wouldn’t work really.

Without owning the drive or the TV yet I just had to make an informed guess as to weather the drive would work or not.