WD MY Passport Wireless 2 TB Solid Red Power Light



Just after copying copious amounts of data on to my WD My Passport Wireless 2 TB drive, I disconnected and tried reconnecting to a different PC and the red solid light on the battery and power LED came on.

Immaterial of what I do- charge the battery from the power source, connect it to USB ports or even try changing the USB cables, the red solid light seems to stay on.

No computers seem to pickup the USB device and it doesn’t turn on the battery operated mode as well. Pretty much non-responsive when OFF.

Would this be a problem with the PCB? In which case, I could still attempt to use it on an external casing.

UPDATE: When I connected to a USB 2 Port of a computer, it seems to work without any problems. All my efforts earlier were on USB 3, USB 3.1 ports with one including a Dell USB A to C adapter. But I still don’t understand why the light came on when connected to the power source directly.


MPWP may simply been processing the data you dumped on it. The user manual has a chart showing what the LED combos mean. Often, if lights stay red, it means you need to reset/restore the System Only. Find out how to do this in user manual.


Thank you Mike for your thoughts.

I observed the following behavior after I’d made the above post (300 GB was dumped on the occasion mentioned above):

  • I let the charger remain connected to the wall socket for 20-30 mins while the LED still showed solid RED and then it automatically began blinking indicating battery charging and everything then went back to normal.

  • 2 days later, I used it on the Wi-Fi mode, transferred ~8 GB and powered it down soon. The battery LED was now showing Orange. Few minutes later, I again connect it to the wall socket for charging and now the power LED stays on solid orange for a good 15 odd minutes post which the charging blinking indicators come back on going gradually from orange to green to blue.

I had a call today with the WD’s technical services team and they feel this could be related to some kinda power issue. I’m more inclined to think this has something to do with buffering/data read-write cycles more in line with what you’d mentioned earlier.

I’m very curious to know any more thoughts you might have.


I have 4 different wireless drives (one is a Sandisk wireless flash drive, others are hard drives). So, I have a lot of familiarity with the gadgets, although I do not use all their features.)

I believe a solid red power LED indicates a completely discharged battery, and the device needs a full recharge to get a blue LED. Using the devices wirelessly for a long time can drain the battery below 50% rather quickly. When I populate the drives with my media files (which is all I have on them) I always connect the drive to PC USB and transfer data through PC as I would any kind of drive. I almost never transfer any data (other than a file or two) via wireless – too slow and more things can go wrong. I can copy entire large folders of music, videos, etc in record time and it doesn’t run down the battery.

I use my wireless drives as media servers for our tablets and phones. I have a WD My Cloud NAS at home and it is accessible to all devices, so my wireless drives are for use as portable devices away from home; never used within home – the NAS does that job.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.