WD My Passport + WD Smartware Issues

I recently installed the WD Smartware on my computer because I didnt know what it did. Then I noticed everytime I plugged in my external drive to my computer I would have to use a password I set up to unlock it and it is very annoying. I uninstalled the WD Smartware but now every time I plug in my external drive I need to go into the WD Smartware disc that shows up when I plug in my drive and use the DriveUnlock application to put in my password to use the drive. Before I installed the WD Smartware I could just plug in the drive and access it without any issues. Can someone please help me fix this?

Installing smartware is optional, and selecting the password protection option that smartware allows is also optional. To disable the password protection, reinstall smartware and go to setting/ drive setup/security to disable it. 


Just remove the password protection and uninstall the WD Smartware…

Check the link below on page 27 of the user manual