WD My Passport Video freeze

I have a 1TB my passport external hdd which I have previously used to watch video files direct into my tv. However now any files which I load onto the drive will play ad then freeze at a random point in the video and stop working. Initially i thought it may be a codec problem, but the files play fine on a different usb drive. I have just recently filled up the drive to 450 odd GBs capacity, and it seems that only new files added are affected by the freezing problem. Is this a power issue to the drive or something else? seems very poor that a drive from a reputable and quality brand is not able to source enough power to run via tv usb power



It is possible the drive is not getting enough power from the TV to spin up properly. The Passport needs between 500mA and 1000mA in order to operate properly.

I also recommend you run a diagnostic on the drive using WD DLG to verify the drive’s health.