WD My Passport Usb Connector Damaged help on how to repair

Hi I have a 4tb My Passport portable external hard drive and my Usb connector is loose causing it only light up with power if I put a fair amount of pressure on it and hold the cord just so but it is very touchy and I cant hold it that way for more then 5 to 10 seconds before it looses power again cause I moved my hand by an iota.

Ive research the issue and I know that the usb connector is sodder on the the circuit board. My question is there a way to repair or replace said sodder on usb connector and if so how would one do so? I just want to retrieve my data off my drive. So even if its only a temporary fix im fine with that just to move my data off the drive. Ive looked into data recovery but its so pricey starting at $700 and going up from there so if there is another way to get my data I would be over the moon grateful.

Thanks so much for your time.

If it’s “Dry Jointed” (ie. a bad solder connection) … then open the case and re-solder it.

Super easy if you have soldering iron, solder and a steady hand.

I have re-soldered thousands of dry joints in my lifetime.

If the connector is faulty , then replace/re solder a new one