WD My Passport Ultra - Wont back up

The last back up was on the 9th March and since then the drive wont back up. I click on back up and nothing happens.
I’m running Windows 10. Driver is 10.0.16299.251

Please help!



Need more information here. Where do you "click on back up’? You should start with WD Discovery and select ‘apps’ Then ‘open’ WD Backup. ‘WD Backup’ is NOT a separate program and will not respond as one.


I click on the app WD Backup. And click ‘Back up Now’. There are other options within the app including ‘restore a backup’ etc. So i presume I’m using the right app?
I’m downloading WD Discovery now.

And now WD Discovery wont install. I download the zip file, open it, and it hangs at around 21%

I never had that problem. Does the zip file move the contents to a new Folder? You open that folder and select an *.exe file? My original download has Install WD Discovery…exe, but that was back in Nov., 2016.