WD My passport ultra usb hub issue

So i have a 1tb my passport ultra and when I connect it to my usb hub, everything appears to be normal, but when i try to copy files it stops about halfway and windows 7 says its estimating file size. I left it for about 10 minutes and nothing happened. When i plug it directly into the computer however, everything works without issue. Is there a reason for this? Is there something wrong with the drive? Should i have it replaced? I just bought it. I have no issue using my old my passport model on the usb hub. also, will connecting it to a powered hub bad? Will it fry the drive.

Thanks in advance.

Well it is recommended not to use the drive connected to a hub. Does it work when connected directly without the hub? Also don’t use a USB cable longer than the original.


the my passport ultra works when connected directly to the computer but my old my passport model works through the hub. I am using all original cables

I am having the SAME problem with a NILOX HUB, and I see the thread of the subject has got nowhere!

Besides, the WD support team answers as usual, but the solution never comes

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