WD My passport Ultra that doesn’t open With Big Sur

Hello everybody,

I have a WD My passport Ultra that doesn’t open! I recently updated my Mac to OS Big Sur, and I think that is the reason why.

When I try to open DriverUnlock I get this message:
“Vous devez effectuer l’application WD Drive Unlock à partir du CD WD Drive Unlock associé avec les disque que vous souhaitez déverrouiller.
Cliquez sur Quitter, localisez et ouvrez le CD WD Drive Unlock correspondant, puis lancez WD Drive Unlock pour déverrouiller le disque dur désiré. .”

What can I do? Awaiting your answers.

I just upgraded to OS Big Sur and my WD My Passport external drive is not working either. I received the same prompt. So it seems the problem is indeed related to Big Sur.