WD my passport Ultra for android

Hi,this is Omid

I have a WD my passport ultra external hard and I connected this to my asus router.although my hard is locked with WD security program, I have no problem with PC because I can access my data in this hard with PC.but, if I want to use my data with my mobile phone with android os, i can not access to this hard and I have no idea what can I do.

how can I solve this problem? is there any software for android os that can solve this problem?

please help me.

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Have you tried disabling the WD Security on the drive? You might need to do that since the mobile device does not have an option to unlock the drive.


Thank you for replying my issue.

Yes, I know that I can access to my hard data by disabling WD Security. but, I want to access to my data when the WD Security is enabled same as PC.

I think this issue can solve with a software for android that can unlock hard drive same as PC.

I have disabled the Password protection in PC but when I connect it to my Asus Zenfone 3. It doesnt respond.
Please Help me out