WD My Passport Ultra Disconnects Randomly

I’m having a problem with the hard drive that it disconnects sometimes when using Surface Pro 3. I always hear a beep, if you know what i mean. when the hard drive stops working or whatever
I can sometimes hear the hard drive clicking when still connected or disconnecting.
i bought this my ultra Passport last year November 2015.


Sounds like a power issue.

Are you able to test the drive on a desktop computer?

OK. i did some testing on the desktop. So far the power issue is fine, but if i wiggle the usb cable a bit like side to side. it disconnects or it doesn’t… So i’m assuming the usb port (cable) is almost warned out. Looks like i have to replace the cable. It is very loose on the Surface 3, could be the wear and tear or too much moving of the cable and the portable hard drive.

i’ll try to do some testing on the surface 3 again and see the actual difference.

Can i still request an RMA for this issue?

A RMA for a cable issue ? I don’t think they will aprreciate. Try to squeeze your cable a little bit on the extremities :slight_smile: