WD My passport Ultra appearing CD Drive

I have been using WD My passport since last 3 years it was working fine. It just started to appear CD drive in my windows 7 operating system. I have tried to change drive name by going to disk management but it is showing ’ No Data ".
I also installed diagnostic software and performed quick and extended test and result is shown in attached snap shot.
Please advise what to do i have very important data inside which i cant afford to loose.
Please note that i have taken nice care of the hardware as it has not been fallen or hit somewhere.

Hi Ehsan3454,

Did you password protect the My Passport external drive using WD Security?

After enable of password protection in My Passport using WD Security, it appears like CD Drive named WD Drive Unlocker and need password to unlock the storage capacity.

Yes it is protected with password. WD unlocker is not appearing. Just CD drive is appearing which is the problem.

are there any updates to this issue?

Hell. I have the same problem and there is no answer at all. WD never again

It’s really sad till now 15th Jan 2020 no one has given the answer anywhere over the internet about this issue. I’m also having the same issue with WD My Passport Ultra with Password Protected (Encrypted Media).

I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers - No Luck
I attached my drive to the other ports - No Luck
I attached / checked with other PCs - No Luck
I checked over the other Windows (10, 8, 7) - No Luck
I replaced the data cable - No Luck

Thanks to microsoft’s updates and WD too who stopped giving any kinda support on their own products and just made a community page to have a chit chat each other.

How to hide or eject CD Drive WD Unlocker When the HDD is Plugging?

I posted the thread. May u check it. Here is the link How to hide or eject CD Drive WD Unlocker When the HDD is Plugging?

I use password protection too.