WD My Passport Ultra 4k compatible

Does anyone know if the WD My Passport Ultra will play 4k video files if I connect it to my 4k TV via the USB? I have an older WD TV but that won;t play 4k media files.

The drive doesn’t “play” anything. It’s up to your TV whether it will work or not.

Thanks. I know that. My WD TV media player (is old!) and I copy files onto it. I downloaded some 4k content onto it but the media player won;t play it because it’s not compatible. The TV is fine. I am looking to purchase a WD product that will recognise 4k files when I try t play them when connected to the 4K TV. WD used t have a “Cinema” passport that did but it seems they don’t make it anymore.

A hard drive does not care what is stored on it. What made the Cinema unique was that it had built in DRM compliance for VIDITY video.

ok thanks again for your thoughts, so do you know it if WD My Passport Ultra has the same compliance?

And the My Passport CInema was only compatible with Samsung 4K TV’s

Which were able to decode and playback the 4K Video.


Bottom Line. You need a Media Player that supports 4K Playback

I have a $60 Android Box S905X (LibreELEC OS) that plays 4K files (Downloaded from the Internet) perfectly fine.

They play fine from a Thumbdrive / Flashdrive and all my WD Hard drives (Passports, My Books, Elements and My Clouds)

Thanks heaps all