WD My Passport Ultra 2TB stop working after 3 months?

Hey i just came home and i wanted to transfer a couple of files from my pc to this portable device but it stop at some moment then i disconnect it and try it to run again, but this time the laptop stops reading it, i dont understand how can this happen so randomly…after that every time i connect the device one a blip sound will go out from just  before the time it took it to run normally but this time it just repeats that process with the same sound and its not detected on my pc… i even disconnected it after my laptop was turned off, there where still about 900 Gb not used and i never drop it by accident…i have really important files so what can i do?

Btw i was on vacations on Bolivia so i brought this item there, but i currentl live in Poland, and i need to recever the files before any technical repair is done, also i would like to know if this ever happens again if i can backup all my files meaning if i would have 2TB of stuff where could i backup that much and if its on a internet cloud?

Thanks and i hope you can help me.

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Have you tried changing the USB cable and testing other computers? If data recovery is a priority then I’d recommend contacting a dedicated/specialized company for analysis.