WD My Passport Ultra 2TB for the iMac


Im hoping someone can help me here.

I purchased this new portable drive a couple of months ago and copied some mp4 files and photos too it

I then plugged it into my Avtex TV and everything was working fine, all files could be seen

A week ago the drive crashed and I had to reformat

NOW, when I plu it into any TV it is not recognised 

Any help would be great appreciated

Hello widdowm, welcome to the WD Community. Make sure to use the same USB cable that you used before, using longer cables can cause power inconsistencies. You might also want to verify if other USB drives work fine on the same TV. 

Did you use the right format? Some video equipment need FAT32 instead of NTFS.


Hi Jubei04

I have used the same cable that came with the drive

I have tried another portable drive in all the TVs and this is working just fine

Many Thanks

Hi Joe_S

I have tried before formats HFS+J and ExFAT but again neither works

Would be helpful if I could find some software to restore it back to its original state

Many Thanks