WD My Passport Ultra 1TB will OCCASIONALLY 'mount', but when it does, I cannot access files

I purchased the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB approximately 1 month ago. I haven’t had any issues until a couple of days ago. When I plug in to the USB port, SOMETIMES it will mount, sometimes it won’t. When it DOES mount, I can see all of my folders/files, but when I go to open files, an error message comes up…NOW it has mounted, but when I click to open the drive, an error message comes up saying that it is not accessible because the drive is not ready. This is very frustrating as I have many very important files related to my business. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!

I might add I have already attempted to run the diagnostic, in which it states ‘too many bad sectors detected’

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I’d recommend not using the hard drive until contacting a specialized data recovery company for analysis. Bad sectors indicate physical hard drive degradation, and as such further use puts the data in risk.