WD My passport Ultra 1 TB not working

Okay heres the story, so on my fathers wedding day i made a slideshow for him and the bride, while setting up the slideshow by connecting it to a roku smart tv i dropped it from about 4 feet off the ground and it wasn’t working anymore. about two days of trying to figure out why it wasn’t working i decided to open it up and from what i could tell it was fine. I seen no damage to the drive itself or the strange port that allows it to connect to my pc, the only thing that looked off to me was some orange (heat?) marks that was on a metal plate near the odd port. also something i would like to note is that the way it was built looks like a 4 foot fall would do nothing to it and it shows from the drive not having even a scratch. anyways sorry i got a little off topic from describing in more detail then is necessary what happened but i know i wont be able to get a new one from them as i opened up the drive myself so i want to know if there is anyway to fix what happened to it so i can continue using it.

also something to note is that the light is on when its plugged in and my computer recognizes the usb, however when i go to disk manager its not there at all, and it also does some strange stuff to my computer by making it run really slow when ever its plugged in.

HI I have the external WD hard drive with password protected and i could not able to open with multiple attempts. i have some historical information which i dont wanted to loose either. what is the best way either to remove the password or to change the existing without knowing the current password. kindly guide me how this can be achieved.

thanks, shafi…