WD My Passport suddenly extremely SLOW transfer speed!

Hi, I am having a big problem with my external drive Drive: WD My Passport (WD10TMVW) 1Tbit transfer rate is around 500kbs at best it takes too much time to be recognized so I have to go look for it on device manager and double click it before the drive show in My Computer. Also, it takes just as much time to transfer something from the drive to the drive in an other file which is extremely weird… I always used it with the original cable and never dropped it. I usually used it between my desktop pc and my linux laptop. When i was using it with my linux it suddenly went unrecognized and i had to switch to pc to find it much much slower than before. So I am 99% sure it’s not a hardware problem. I tried it on many PCs and I followed a ton of internet advice and it still didn’t work. (as changing the drive letter, updating firmware and driver) Also, i never used any WD software. When I bought it, I used it as a normal usb drive and I also transferred every file related to the drive (**bleep** as WD app manager and every .dll) into a separate file in my drive (but not on the main page). After the problem I relocated them to the main page which took 30 mins for 5mbit… and it didn’t give any results. Thx for your help.

Edit: Also there are 500Gbit inside that I can"t afford to lose and the drive is only 3 mounths old.

Hello, try backing up the files with a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk. After that you can format the passport from the disk management window. 


I found the same drive for my friend, the same model number WD10TMVW-11ZSMS1 copy speed of old drive was about 5 mb/s and this is using USB 3.0 which usual speed if 100mb/sec !!! The actual problem was the driver, we re-installed with the new one from wdc.com and it works fine