WD My Passport Studio 2TB

Hello everyone

I have 2 WD My Passport Studio 2TB and one of them started to fail. I would like to change the internal HDD with a new WD and I would really appreciate some help on finding out what kind of HDD (cache memoery, rpm etc) I can use to replace the old one and maybe make it a bit faster. The internal HDD on this Passport Studio was a 5400rpm and I would like to know if I replace it with a new WD which runs at 7200rpm, would the power from the FireWire be enough for the drive to run normally? I would love to keep the case and change only the internal HDD so I can still use this brilliant portable drive.

Thank you for the help


I wouldn’t recommend that since the firmware information on the case might be different.

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about this