Wd my passport smartware update problems

I connected my new MY Passport (500 gb) to my computer yesterday. I installed everything. I managed to select my backup options - but skipped the actual backup - and everything seemed fine. I disconnected my WD and shut off the computer. Today, I reconnected my WD and opened smartware (via quickview icon in the tray). I wanted to do my firts backup but the backup tab was not active . i was prompted to update the smartware - so I did - I downloaded the file from your site, opened it and watched the installation wizard go through the installation. Everything seemed ok, but at about three quarters of the process an error message came up: “can’t install WD backup” (or similar) - and the install wizard closed without finishing the installation. Keep in mind that I have administrator rights on my computer.
I then looked for smartware on my computer but it has disappeared (!!!), and so has quickview (!!!). All i have is WD security and WD drive utilities!

What’s happened? How can I solve this?

I would greatly appreciate your help with this.


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

As a recommendation, please try to downloading the application directly for the WD Site on the following link.

Link to software: