WD My Passport Slim

Hello and thank you for allowing me to post my question here.   

I recently had an external drive crash on me with all my photography on it, I was able to get an “expert” to retrieve the date and put all onto my new external drive (the WD My Passport Slim)

I own a Mac book air laptop computer, (previous was a desktop PC) and my “expert” claimed that the My Passport was compatible with my laptop.  I am able to view the images that are on my new drive through my laptop, but I’m unable for some strange reason to drop, drag, copy/paste, transfer images to it that are already existing on my mac laptop.  is there something simple I’ve missed?   I have been through the manual, and it tells me that it won’t even work for my particular mac air laptop.  have I wasted time and money on this external drive?  

please help.

Sue aka panthrcat

You posted in the My Passport Wireless forum section.

The forum section for your Passport Slim is here:


…but to answer your question before the post gets moved, the Passport Slim is compatible out-of-the-box with your Mac as long as your Mac supports NTFS.  Otherwise, Macs will only be able to READ NTFS drives.

Or, you can reformat the drive for HFS+J to make it Mac-writable.   Reformating will erase all your files, so you’ll need to find a home for the files before you reformat, or install something like Paragon drivers to make the drive Read/Write.

Perhaps a Mac owner will chime in on how to do that.