WD My Passport SE 3.0 no unlocker

Hi I just buy my second My Passport SE HDD, but I have a problem, if I lock my drive and connect it to computer without wd smartware I have no option how to unlock it, because no unlocker. Windows (W7 64-bit) shows virtual cd, but it writes that I have no permission to open it… 

Any SW solution or a have to send my disk to service?

The problem seems to be to the user on the other computer

due to the privileges that you have is not letting you install or run applications

this has nothing to do with smartware or the drive 

is the computer you’re having problems at work?

no that is my second home computer. I dont think that this is permission ussue because the virtual drive is unopenable and its name is not unlocket but only virtul dvd-rom

Well this is strange then

there’s an app that seems to be conflicting with the software since it otherwise works fine on a different computer

you might wanna check if you have any app to mount ISO’s or Burn CD that could be affecting the unlocker functionality

well I am not sure that unlocker work on any computer because on my first computer I use wd smartware for unlocking…

Smartware has two parts one for backup and one for security

before been able to access the backup part you need to unlock the drive

that’s were the unlocker comes into play

yes, but I unlock drive with wd smartware… no virtual dvd with unlocker is detected