WD my passport & Samsung t5 ssd = conflict

Hello, I have a WD my passport 4tb.
It works great. But the software that was installed along with the disk, and in particular WDDriveService.exe, conflicts with the samsung t5 portable ssd disk.

When WDDriveService.exe is running, samsung t5 is very slow. The speed of writing and reading drops by 2-3 seconds to almost zero.
If you close WDDriveService.exe, then samsung t5 starts working as expected, without speed breaks.

Please correct this in the next update. thank

Are you facing same conflict issue while using both drives on another computer system?

I did not understand your question. I have 1 computer

I should connect My Passport and Samsung SSD drive to another computer in order to confirm whether the PC performance or My Passport would be he issue.

You think in vain that I invented a problem.
I checked on another computer, and there is the same problem!