WD My Passport reformatting question

Hello everyone,
i’ve bought myself a unit of WD’s MyPassport 1TB yesterday (model : WDBBEP0010BSL-PESN).
I realized when i got home that it isn’t the one i intended to buy, one for mac. Must’ve had too much in my mind. lol

I read on top of the box it says it requires reformatting to be able to be used on Mac OS X.
How do i go about that? Please provide me a step by step guide and be very specific and informative.
I’m seeing so much different ways they’re confusing me, so i’d rather just ask straight up to be safe than sorry.
Plus i do need to transfer data as i’m running out of space in my MBP.
Would there be anything wrong with reformatting it to Mac? Just out of curiosity.

One more thing,
The guy at the store told me to go over so he could reformat the External to be used on both a PC/Mac for me.
While that’s appealing, i read that it can potentially be dangerous and would limit my transfers to 4GB per transfer?
Is this correct? Cuz I’d rather just get another 1 to use with my Windows PC than to have risks and a limitation.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, easy enough, you can follow the steps from the link below for the steps to format it for Mac or Windows. 


If you want to format the passport for both mac and windows computers, you can select exFat, it is compatible with windows XP/Vista/7 Computers and Mac OS 10.6.5 forward and it wont limit you to 4GB per file.


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