WD My passport not showing up files

I used my WD passport with my friend laptop. After I have connected it to my laptop. It shows that the drive contain viruses. I scanned the drive and it removes the virus. After I reconnected the WD passport. Inside the there is no files shown up expcept a folder named $RECYCLE.BIN. But the Hard disk space is filled up with the size of the file I had. I don’t know whether the files are hidden or not. Any Help?

Looks like the partition got corrupted by the virus.

We recommend to run an antivirus software to remove the malware and recover the files with a data recovery tool.

There are many third party applications for data recovery online.


It seems to be that the drive still have some viruses or malware inside.

Scan the drive again. If still the same, might be that the viruses corrupted the data on the drive. If that’s the case, you should be able to recover the information with a free data recovery software.

A good application to check for remaining malware is “Malwarebytes Antimalware”. You can download a free version from a link here- http://www.malwarebytes.org/

The best way to use it, once it is installed, is to restart your system in Safe Mode. Run Malwarebytes Antimalware, and run a Quick Scan. You probably want to let it run on all your drives at this point. Assuming it finds something and eliminates it, you can then proceed to attempting recovery of the partition.

There are a few free options. One is " linux livecd of GParted" which you can find here-


There are options for burning a CD or creating a bootable flash drive. Once booted from one of these, there are a variety of utilities which may be able to recover your lost partition. Gparted and Test Disk are two of the most likely candidates.