WD My Passport not recognised


-was copying pics into my 2tb external harddrive
-error messaged showed that copying failed
-i try again and then it says disk not found
-i try pluggibg it again in all ports on my laptop but still nothing
-i try another laptop, still nothing
-it makes the sound and the light is on but nothing
-do a litle googling and i try computer management it says disk error and there isnt any partitions there. (So i dont know what to do there)
-i also try device manager and uninstall it and plug in again after restarting again nothing

  • what do i do? Whats the problem i dont understand… did my passport just die ??



What happens when you try to Initialize the drive? (Please note this will erase all data on the drive - if the data has not been backed up you may want to try other troubleshooting)

Also; To get a quick screenshot you can hold down alt on your keyboard and press prntscn and then simply paste into your reply (if a screen has sensitive info like serial numbers be sure to paste into a picture editor and remove this info first)

Have you tried the drive with another data cable (just want to make sure it’s not the cable that’s gone bad)


It says not enought memory to initialise. I did try another cable no difference.
I dont care about the stuff on the harddrive, but would like it working again.


I have a 1 tb wd also that stopped working years ago the same way… see the attached pics! It wont let me initialise and it wont let me put volume for my 2 tb