WD My Passport for Mac

Hi Guys,
Kinda new here. And I hope its okey if I started a new topic with my problems.
I have a external hard drive with 500GB.

My Macbook Air can’t read the hard drive anymore and it can not be find. What am I suppose to do? I have a bunch of stuff/picture that I want.
When connecting it, my hard drive have this sound, working constantly and then after a while the sounds stops. The light is blinking on the drive.

Couple months ago it did kinda work, it took time for the computer to find the hard drive it worked really slow though. A wrong message pop up on the computer with the erro code -36.

Very thankful for all advice, solution, tips.


Have you tried using the drive with a different USB cable or a different PC or Mac?

Does the unit show under disk utilities?


Yes I did try it with a different cable and also tried connecting it on a PC.
On the PC the unit show under disk utilities but you couldn’t open it though.

But today the drive won’t even show on my Mac Air which it did before (1 month ago). at that time I tried to rescue those files that I could. And today it won’t even pop up on the desktop.