WD My Passport for Mac - Macbook Air crashes after Password is entered

I have a My Passport for Mac(1 TB).  I had to reinstall my Mac OSX Lion and after that when I connect the WD Drive to MBA and enter the password; Macbook crashes.  Tried on another Macbook Pro in Apple store and the same story. Any suggestions will help on how do I recover my data now.



Sometimes this indicates a corrupted partition.

Does the same thing happen if the drive is connected to a desktop computer?


Thanks for your note. Same thing happens when connected to another Mac. Haven’t tried for a desktop computer.  Though on a Windows 8 laptop, nothing is visible beyond the unlock utility.



Try running a test on the Windows 8 laptop.

You can use our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows


Hi ,

I ran the long test and is came out saying “too many bad sectors”.  Not sure if I have any way of recovering my data now.

any other suggestion will be valuable.



That’s bad.

Usually means the drive needs to be replaced.